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Our mission is to liberate the Black imagination through digital art and technology so that the distinctiveness of Black creative expression is embraced and valued for its transformative cultural contributions. 

 Core Purpose 

Providing Art Market Analysis for Black Crypto Artists:


Created a database of transactions for Black Artists in the space to gain insights into trends and opportunities to capture value in this niche market 

Leveraging insights from the database to build the largest collection of Black Crypto Art on the Blockchain

Advising artists on strategies to grow and sustain the value of their market

Developing a Black Arts + Culture Ecosystem on the Blockchain:


Providing resources and digital exhibition space for artists through the Black Art District initiative  


Cultivating a new generation of art enthusiasts that see the value in adding Crypto Art to their collections  

Partnering with Black Curators and Archivists to showcase the contribution of Black Artist to the Crypto Art Movement and preserve their legacy for future generations


 Envisioned Future 

By the year 2030, ONE / OFF will reach over 1 million digital artists, digital art collectors, and digital art investors. Our vision is to empower the global Black community to imagine their culture and ideas in the future supported by technology that enables them to retain ownership and creative control of their own culture.

Sign-Up for the ONE / OFF Black Arts Discord!

The purpose of this discord is to build an active community of Black Artists, Curators, Collectors, and those who support Black Arts and Culture. In the discord you will be able to keep up with all of the latest drops from Black Artists and keep up with the latest purchases of Black Collectors. In the discord you will also find useful resources about collecting NFTs or getting started as an artist minting your first NFTs and of course information about events happening in the Black Arts District.

Please complete the questionnaire to help us build out our database of Black Artists, Curators and Collectors in the NFT space. Upon completion of the form you will receive an email with instructions to be able to join the discord group. The discord is still in soft launch so invitations will be sent out on a rolling basis.


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