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ONE / OFF is actively sourcing NFTs for inclusion in our debut show, Beyond Provenance: Speculative $BLACK Futures on the Blockchain. The group exhibit, launching this December, will explore the duality of blockchain technology as both an immutable record of the contribution of Black artists to the emerging Crypto Art Movement, and the medium artists use to rewrite the narrative of who benefits from the value of Black creativity. 

Though most of the pieces in the show will be from our existing collection or on direct loan from artists, we are still reviewing portfolios. The exhibit is focused on art that align with the following concepts from Black Visual Culture: Black Visual AestheticsSpeculative Blackness, Afrofuturism, Black Imagination, AstroBlackness, AfroSurrealism, or AfroEsotericism; reference Justin Smith’s introduction to Black Visual Culture for more information on the genres. 


Portfolio review has closed for the show.


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