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A Guide for New and Experienced Collectors that Wish to Expand or Begin Their NFT Collection
A Guide for Artist New to the Blockchain and Minting Their First NFT(s)

As an artist you have to wear many hats: creative, promoter, curator, connector, lover, etc. and a lot of the time you just have to figure it out. In some cases you can, but in other instances the barrier to entry may prove to be too great. Don't worry we've got you covered.


ONE / OFF's "Getting Started on the Blockchain for Digital Artists" resource guide is a step-by-step walkthrough to get your work minted and on the Blockchain.

As a lover of the Arts, you enjoy discovering new works and supporting the individuals that create them. But sometimes the Art world takes a turn, the industry shifts and you find yourself out of the loop but don't worry we've got your back.


ONE / OFF's "Buying Art on the Blockchain for Collectors" resource guide is a step-by-step walkthrough to get your virtual wallet set-up and ready to collect your favorite NFTs.

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